Svetlana Clivadă, Psychologist and University Professor

Svetlana Clivadă, psychologist and university professor, addresses to LGBT youth: "Bear responsibility for your own future, for your own happiness, wish the best for yourself, and accept yourself the way you are".

Oxana Gumennaia, psychologist

Oxana Gumennaia is a psychologist and Major of Justice. She used to work in a prison for 11 years where she got familiarized with labels that are attributed to people. Oxana finds them unjust and life obstructive. She believes the main thing is the way you live your own life and that the most important thing is to embrace the reality.

Alexandru Ciobanu, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Alexandru is a psychologist at the Youth Friendly Health Center "Youth to Youth" in Cimişlia town.

Yan Feldman, Clinical Psychologist

This message was recorded within the KOMPOT event carried out by the teatru-spălătorie company in 2012.


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