• Vlad, Singer and Radio Host

    Vlad, singer and host: "In Moldova, there are people who will support, accept, and will help you on your life path to happiness. Be yourself, feel what you feel, and it will get better."

  • Svetlana Clivadă, Psychologist and University Professor

    Svetlana Clivadă, psychologist and university professor, addresses to LGBT youth: "Bear responsibility for your own future, for your own happiness, wish the best for yourself, and accept yourself the way you are".

  • Alex Gurdila, JurnalTV Host

    Alex Gurdila is a JurnalTV host. Alex assumes there are gays among his friends. He would like them to say: "Alex, look, I am different. I've kept this secret to myself. But I trust you and I know you won't change your opinion about me".

  • Oxana Gumennaia, psychologist

    Oxana Gumennaia is a psychologist and Major of Justice. She used to work in a prison for 11 years where she got familiarized with labels that are attributed to people. Oxana finds them unjust and life obstructive. She believes the main thing is the way you live your own life and that the most important thing is to embrace the reality.

  • Nicolae Apostu, business trainer, blogger

    Nicolae Apostu alumnus of Moldova Economic Studies Academy, majored in International Economic Relations. He has been involved with AIESEC and National Youth Council of Moldova, and is a certified trainer by the National Council for Adult Professional Training of Romania. Nicolae is an expert in leadership training and training of trainers.

  • Vika and Eva, a couple

    Vika and Eva are a young couple from Moldova who have been together for a long time. They have a stable relationship based on love and mutual trust.

  • Artiom Zavadovschi, It Gets Better Project assistant (

    Artiom is a young LGBT rights activist, originally from Bălţi. In 2012, the United Nations Office in Moldova gave him an award for outstanding bravery in articulating and defending human rights.



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  • Maria


    Copilărind și crescând într-un sat cu oameni homofobi, unde femeia e văzută ca un mijloc de perpetuare a generațiior, mi-a fost destul de greu să-m