04 Octombrie 2014

Coming Out Days: Programme

The GENDERDOC-M Information Centre is inviting you between 9 and 12 October to take part in a series of events dedicated to the International Coming Out Day*, which is celebrated on 11 October.  Carried out consecutively under two slogans “Your story makes diversity” and “Tell your story with your own words”, the Coming Out Days 2014 offer you several activities whose goal is to increase visibility of LGBT people in society and to raise public awareness about lives, feelings and experiences of LGBT community in Moldova.  


19:30 Screening of documentaries “Ascuns” and “Дети 404”



20:00 Big Queer Trivia Quiz #2


20:00 Coming out. Collective reading

22:00 Queer as Flashdance Party + Screening of “Coming Out” and “Paris Is Burning” films


22:00 Thematic party at GoldBar

*Coming out refers to the process of publicly and voluntarily affirm one’s homosexual or bisexual orientation or gender identity. The complete term in English is “coming out of the closet”. To be “out” means to be open about one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. To remain “in the closet” means to keep hiding these characteristics and publicly assume a different sexual orientation, usually heterosexual one, or gender identity, usually that assigned at birth. Coming out is recognition, acceptance and confession of one’s homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender identity before oneself, as well as before others. Coming out does not constitute only the fact of telling someone who you are. It represents a long-lasting process that includes one’s own perception of oneself, one’s attitudes towards one’s sexuality and/or gender, lifestyle and the way one presents oneself to the family, friends and the world. 

Astăzi poate, deloc nu mă priveşte pe mine, însă, poate mâine, eu va trebui să înţeleg şi să iubesc pe cineva aşa cum este el sau este ea născută... poate tot de mine.

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