• Oleg Brega, journalist, activist, Hyde Park Association member

    I am at the gates of the central market in a delicate situation. Perhaps, the situation is as delicate as of those who are encouraged to talk about their special, blamed, identity; to talk about their unconventional sexual orientation. I don't know what advice I can give to them and what exactly encourage them to do. I'd like to address myself to those who believe theyr are normal, natural, and of majority.



  • Florin Buhuceanu, Pastor at Metropolitan Community Churches

    When you are alone and have doubts, recall a few simple things. You are a child of God regardless of who may say the opposite. You are the child of God and you are the one who God loves regardless if you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual or asexual. We all are His children and we all are loved by him. And once again - nobody is able to part us from His love, not even yourself. .

    Full interview with Pastor Florin Buhuceanu can be viewed here

  • Loreen, 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Winner

    The 2012 Eurovision Contest Winner, Loreen, recorded a video message of support for gays and lesbians in Moldova. “All my gay sisters and my gay brothers, be proud of who you are no matter what anybody says. What you are is everything. It is normal. I love you and I promise you that it gets better”, stated Swedish artist for website.

  • Petru Negură, Sociologist

    "Many associate homosexuality with the stem of the word - sex. Homosexuality isn't necessarily a form of sexuality. It should be understood as a form of humaneness".

  • Iulia Marchinschi, Executive Director of Human Rights Information Center (CIDO)

    "I would like it to be the post-gay era, when people are not labeled according to a particular criterion anymore - the one which is visible or which can subject you to discrimination".

  • Andrei Bolocan, JurnalTV Host, Blogger

    "I really want to believe that tolerance, acceptance, love, the feeling that we all are a big family on this planet is a conclusion that, unfortunately, is intended to come later".

  • Nikita Soloviev, TV and Radio Host

    "In childhood my parents taught me to be tolerant to all - to the homeless, animals, to people who are think differently, who treat others differently, and it's something normal. I have a number of gay friends, and I can say with confidence that many of them are smarter, more attractive and kinder than many heterosexual couples and people".



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  • GM


    În rândurile care se aștern înaintea ta, stimate cititor, îți voi relata despre una din numeroasele istorii despre acceptarea de sine, e vorba chia